Batteries - What You Need To Know About Heat Damage

June 18th, 2017

Most car owners only worry about their car battery in the bitter cold of winter when the chemical reaction that makes power in your battery slows down and your car uses more electricity to move cold oil and engine parts to get started.  But the truth is, summer heat is more likely shorten the life of your battery.

The average lead acid car battery, still the most common style of battery by far, makes and stores electricity by immersing lead plates in powerful sulfuric acid.  The chemical reaction between these two substances is the magic that moves electrons to start your car.  Once your car is started, the alternator takes over all the work, generating enough power to run your engine, your lights, your eighteen speaker stereo and simultaneously recharging your battery for the next start.

While most modern batteries are "sealed," meaning they down have easily removable caps for adding additional sulfuric acid, all batteries are victi ...[more]

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