Stay Cool This Summer with the Right Auto Maintenance

July 31st, 2016

Nobody likes riding around in a hot, stuffy car. Everyone knows that Alabama can be hot, even downright miserable in the summer...while you drive around and Air Conditioning Repair in Dothan AL stay nice and cool by following these tips:

Maintain your A/C.  Even a late model car can lose as much as five percent of its A/C refrigerant in the off months, around the seals and connectors of the A/C system's hoses and lines. The system should be checked and recharged with refrigerant yearly, and refrigerant also contains an oil which keeps the compressor lubricated. Most also contain a fluorescent dye that makes it easy to spot any leaks around seals or other problem areas. 

Check your cooling system. Coolant is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. The ethylene glycol and other additives in antifreeze lower the freezing point and raise the boiling point for protection, while anticorrosion agents help prevent scale buildup in the radiator's passages. Antifreeze is only good for a certain length of time, though, before it loses its effectiveness. While manufacturer's recommendations and antifreeze formulas vary in their service intervals, it's easy for a technician to check the condition of your vehicle's coolant and make recommendations as to whether it's time for service or not. 

Use common sense. Park in the shade whenver you can, crack the windows while parked and roll them down once you get moving. That will help evacuate hot air out of the car until the A/C is blowing cool enough air that you can roll them back up again. It's a lot easier than having the A/C try to displace the hot air inside the vehicle and cycle it back out on its own. 

Why suffer? Modern A/C systems are efficient and dependable, unlike cars of a generation ago. If you think your car might need a little A/C tuneup, give us a call and make an appointment with RoadMart, Inc. and let us have a look. We'll have you cooled off in no time! 

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