Summer’s Coming – Is Your Car Ready?

May 30th, 2017

You know that summers here in Alabama can get pretty sticky – it’s important to make sure your car’s up to the rigors of summer driving! Here’s a quick breakdown of things you’ll want to check over:

Summer Vehicle MaintenanceCooling system maintenance: Coolant is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. It helps act as a heat sink and dissipate the normal heat of operation, and it also contains anticorrosion agents that prevent scale from building up in the radiator and heater core’s tiny passages. It can still become contaminated, though, which is why it should be flushed at regular intervals. If you’re not sure how long your coolant has been in the radiator, it’s a simple matter to check its specific gravity using a hygrometer and make recommendations from there.

Oil change: Your motor oil should be changed every 5,000 miles for conventional oil and 10-12,000 miles for synthetic (always check owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommendations). Going into the summer months with some clean motor oil is always a good idea.

Air conditioning: Of course you want a cool and comfortable car in the summer! The seals and lines in an automotive a/c system are porous, though, and even a late model vehicle can lose as much as five percent of its refrigerant over a year’s time. We’ll check the refrigerant level and recharge if necessary, as well as check the compressor, drive belt and all other components.

Tires: Heat puts a lot of stress on tires, and tires that are worn already have a greater chance of failing during the hot summer months. That’s why summer is a good time to go ahead and replace tires if needed.

Headlights and wipers: Summer often brings rain showers; make sure you’re ready with fresh wiper blades and plenty of windshield washer fluid. While you’re at it, make sure all your lights are working!

With the right preparation and checkups, your car will be ready for the toughest drives and hottest temperatures an Alabama summer can throw at it! Make an appointment with us at Road Mart Tire and let’s make sure everything’s ready before the temperatures start to climb! 

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