Synthetic Oil Changes Vs. Conventional Oil

January 27th, 2016

It’s more than just a trend. The research has been completed and the jury’s in – synthetic motor oil is superior to conventional oil in just about every respect. For Oil Changes in Dothan AL years, oil companies tried tweaking and modifying conventional mineral-based oil with various additives such as detergents, friction modifiers, dispersants and other innovations. In the end, though, synthetic motor oil outperforms conventional oil. Here are a few of the advantages of synthetic motor oil:

·         Better protection at very hot and cold temperatures. Conventional oil can thicken in extreme cold, meaning it can take longer to get to the engine’s upper assemblies on a cold start. Conventional oil will also thin out when very hot, compromising lubricating properties. Synthetics are stable across a wide range of temperatures.

·         Better shear stability; when oil is squeezed between two mating surfaces at an extremely close tolerance, it can actually be torn apart at the molecular level and lose its viscosity and lubrication properties. Shearing means that oil is completely forced out of these tight spaces, leading to metal-on-metal contact that will scuff and wear parts Synthetics are much more uniform and stable at the molecular level, and less prone to shearing.

·         Resistance to oxidation, evaporation, thermal breakdown, sludge buildup

·         Resistance to buildups of carbon and “ash” that can clog tiny passageways, especially on parts like turbochargers and superchargers that operate at extremely high temperatures

·         Reduced internal friction, resulting in better horsepower, torque and fuel economy with some engines

·         Longer engine life

·         Extended oil change intervals – 10-12,000 miles rather than the 5,000 mile interval of conventional oil

At one time, synthetic motor oil had a reputation for degrading the gaskets and seals on engines and causing leaks, especially on old engines that were “used to” running on conventional oil. Newer formulations of synthetics have made that a thing of the past. It was also rumored that it wasn’t a good idea to switch from conventional to synthetic and back again, but that’s also long since been debunked.

These are all the reasons why just about every manufacturer now calls for synthetic motor oil in their new models. Synthetic is about double the cost per quart, compared to conventional oil…but that drawback is offset by the much more infrequent oil change intervals.

Are you using synthetic oil in your engine? Whether you choose synthetic or conventional oil, we hope you’ll choose Road-Mart Tire in Dothan, AL for your next oil change and all your vehicle repair and maintenance needs. What’s your odometer reading? Is it time for an oil change? Give us a call and make an appointment today!

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