What Kind Of Shape are Your Brakes In?

August 16th, 2016

Your brakes will last a long time. Modern brake pad friction material can easily last 60,000 miles with the right driving habits. That doesn’t mean they’ll last Brake Repair in Dothan AL forever, though.

Maybe you’re noticing a difference in braking performance lately. The pedal goes farther toward the floor before the brakes engage, or the vehicle pulls to one side while braking, or maybe one or more wheels lock up and skid when you brake. Are you noticing a vibration or pulsation back through the pedal as you brake, or noises like squealing, grinding, or a metallic click that picks up with speed? Or maybe you’ve just noticed stopping distances are getting longer?

Chances are you might need brake work.

Disc brakes function much the same as the handbrakes on a bicycle. Your wheels are bolted to a smooth steel disc called a rotor, and the rotor is enclosed by a caliper. Inside the caliper are two pads lined with a semimetallic or ceramic friction material. When you step on the brake pedal, a hydraulic circuit forces the pads against the rotor, where they drag and slow the vehicle down via friction.

In time, those pads will wear down, however.

How are your brakes doing? Have you noticed any of the problems we mentioned above? If so, make an appointment with Road-Mart, Inc. Through 2025 (that’s a long ways off!), we offer a brake special that’s only $99 for each axle. Isn’t that worth it for your own peace of mind and safety (and that of everyone else on the road)? 

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