Wheel Alignments -- Are They Really That Important?

September 5th, 2016

So you hit a pothole or a curb awhile back and you’ve noticed your car’s not driving and handling quite the same anymore. The steering feels “heavy” and Wheel Alignment in Dothan AL clumsy, the steering wheel won’t return to center as readily after rounding a corner and there’s a persistent pull to one side when you drive on straight, even pavement.

Chances are you’ve now got an alignment problem, as the impact on the curb jolted the front end components out of adjustment and out of spec.

That alignment issue is more than an annoyance. It means that one tire is consistently trying to steer the vehicle in another direction, and that tire’s tread will constantly be scrubbed away at one edge or the other. Imagine a person who constantly walks with one foot skewed out to the side – that shoe will wear unevenly at the heel, the toe or along one side.

It also means a hit on your fuel economy, since that alignment issue means greater rolling resistance just to keep your car pointed down the highway. Don’t forget, also, that this type of tire wear isn’t covered by a tread wear warranty!

It’s important that your vehicle be properly aligned. Consider this: if your vehicle’s front end was only 1/8” out of alignment and you took your hands off the wheel for a mile, it would end up 28 feet off of a straight line!

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